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Xbox Micro 1-Inch Thick

by on Aug.16, 2009, under Computer, Gadgets, Gaming, Technology

Welcome to Micro PanacheBlog! In the absence of hard hitting stories and shocking exposés we thought we’d turn to the “lighter and thinner” side of the news. Enter the Xbox Micro, a 1-inch thick celebration of all that is good and holy about the world of DIY mods. A modder by the name of Bandit5317 created this amazing mod of an original Xbox, cramming in a 320GB HDD (though no optical drive) in the process, took six months to make, with a few clever design decisions along the way, but it looks good enough to make even the ninja-black Wii suck its gut in.

The polycarbonate case holds the guts of a flashed Xbox, so even though it’s got no DVD drive, it’ll serve as a great media center with the help of XBMC. It definitely makes the current crop of consoles look bloated in comparison, though we’re told it runs a bit hot due to the tight quarters inside. Still, it’s a great mod, especially given the original Xbox’s considerable girth.

Xbox Micro

Xbox Micro

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