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Windows Phone 7 Series ROM Running On HTC HD2

by on Mar.29, 2010, under Computer, Gadgets, Mobile, News


You must be surprised looking at above picture, but its true the almost perfect HTC HD 2 is running Windows Phone 7 Series ROM.

Some clever Russian hackers have managed to get the HD2 running an early build of Microsoft’s upcoming mobile OS overhaul. Now we’ve got what looks to be the first screenies of the WP7S OS running on an HD2

Its virtually impossible with the current hardware of HTC HD 2 running WinMo 6.5 OS to ride WinMo 7 OS but somehow these guys made it possible.

According to sources almost everything is working including WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth. However, the graphics driver is still showing problems and there is noticeable device lag.

Let’s see if HTC HD 2 could officially run WP7S ROM before Microsoft officially launches its device. Time will tell.


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