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Windows Mobile 7 interface and device Sneak Peek

by on Feb.15, 2010, under Computer, Mobile, News, Technology

Microsoft's Windows Mobile 7 OS

There has been a stupendous leak of Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows Mobile 7 OS. It would appear that some last minute alterations were taking place under the covers in Barcelona, though apparently no one bothered to check if there were cameras around before lifting said covers. You can see what appears to be some kind of Xbox Live integration — which was heavily rumored.

It also shows off the simplistic, geometric start page, including big, square icons for phone calls, messages, Twitter, and Facebook and a large band for accessing your pictures.

The device in the shot is a simple one, the screen is surrounded by a black bezel with a thin metal trim. Only three buttons back, forward and Windows icon. Let’s see when the official launch takes place.

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