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7-Inch Touchscreen Tablet for Rs. 1,500 Looks Good

by on Jul.25, 2010, under Gadgets, News, Technology

$35 Tablet

We have seen a lot of swanky tablets around the market nowadays but nobody can beat this not so swanky looking tablet from India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development for a challenging price of Rs. 1,500 or $35 only. This one is way cheaper than the $75 OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) option.

This Rs.1,500 device has the form factor of a tablet and supposedly has a 7-inch touchscreen display. It is capable of browsing the web and comes with a keyboard as well. The device has got about 2GB of RAM, Wi-Fi connectivity and a USB port, which is pretty amazing at such a budget. The tablet has been developed by the government in collaboration with premier scientific institutes like the IITs & IISc.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has plans to reduce the price of this device further down to just $10. If every thing goes according to plan we would be able to see many students sporting the revolutionary device.

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Next Generation iPhone 4G Unscrewed in Vietnam

by on May.12, 2010, under Gadgets, Mobile, News, Technology

iPhone 4G

A Vietnamese site ‘Taoviet’ has nabbed another of apple’s lost 4th generation iPhone The iPhone 4G — a 16GB model to be exact. It’s the preproduction model as there is XXX stamp on back and likely lacks a bootable OS.


This one is a polished version of the one found by gizmodo few weeks back. Notably, the pair of screws at the bottom of the device are gone. The cleaner design could indicate a newer prototype.

The black “N90″ text on the white sticker which is the rumored internal codename for Apple’s next generation GSM iPhone. The unscrewed pics show the Apple branded processor, which is actually the chip in the Apple’s iPad.

iPhone 4G

After enhancing the image, the chip is tagged:


The same as the processor in the iPad:

iPhone 4G

The screen looks really sharp and clear. It definitely has a higher resolution than the current generation, with a quality and viewing angle comparable to the iPad.

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Microsoft confirms Natal launch in October

by on May.11, 2010, under Computer, Gadgets, News, Technology

Project Natal XBOX 360

As herd before, The Project Natal motion-sensing camera for the Xbox 360 will be launched worldwide “somewhere in October”, according to Microsoft Saudi marketing manager Syed Bilal Tariq while speaking to GamerTagRadio.

Let’s wait for the official press release on this topic.

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