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Deseal Mobile Towers, High Court

by on Feb.10, 2010, under Mobile, News

We had earlier told about the Mobile Tower Sealing issue, now High Court has givem a major relief to cell phone users and service providers, the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court has directed NOIDA authority to open the seal of over 100 mobile towers immediately.

A division bench comprising Justice Pradeep Kant and Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi directed completion of formalities pertaining to setting up of towers by the mobile companies within two months.

In its order yesterday on a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) petition filed by Indus Towers Company, whose services are used by cellular service providers in the satellite town on the outskirts of Delhi, the court asked the petitioner to approach the authority with necessary documents for fulfilling the formalities for installing the mobile towers.

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Mobiles on blink in Noida, Delhi too may be hit

by on Feb.02, 2010, under News

Mobile Tower

Mobile services in Noida remained badly crippled for the second day running as the authorities launched a crackdown on “illegal” mobile towers. Already 193 of 576 towers have been sealed, leading to mobile phones going on the blink, especially in residential sectors 29-35 and industrial sectors 2-12.

What’s more, a similar crackdown has started in Delhi. Already, 40 mobile towers have been sealed in the city and more “illegal” towers are in MCD’s crosshairs. Delhi has 4,532 mobile towers, out of which MCD reckons 2,517 towers are illegal. So, if these are sealed, mobile phone services in the city will be very badly hit.

The faceoff between the authorities and mobile service providers could escalate as neither side is backing down. While Noida authorities as well as MCD are insisting on the towers meeting all norms, which they claim many don’t, the service providers’ body, COAI, is maintaining that since regulator, TRAI, is all set to come out with a consultation paper on tower installation, status quo should be maintained.

Meanwhile, mobile phone users are feeling the heat. Said Rahul Sinha, a resident of Noida sector 11: “People are helpless without their mobile phones. It’s for many their connection with the world. We have a wedding in our house on February 16, but with no network coverage, we were unable to plan anything.” Similar sentiments were echoed by many more residents.

In Delhi, MCD commissioner K S Mehra said that action against all illegal towers will follow. When asked about illegal towers, a COAI spokesman said, “There are no illegal towers in Delhi. What MCD is calling illegal are applications filed by service providers that are pending with MCD.” In short, the two positions are at variance, indicating a prolonged confrontation, unless higher authorities step in.

Both MCD and Noida authorities want all cellphone towers to have structural stability certificates, an NOC from resident welfare associations, design approval from experts, clearance from the pollution board, fire department and a security fee of Rs 1 lakh per tower. Above all, they want the towers to be moved out of residential areas to commercial areas, government buildings and community service buildings like `baraat ghars’.

At present, most towers are in residential areas. Relocating them is bound to create a major dislocation of service, unless the whole operation is undertaken jointly by authorities and service providers.

MCD has already set up a sub-committee, headed by councillor Meera Agarwal, which is holding talks with RWAs. It has also written to the World Health Organisation to ascertain the health risk posed by the towers. It’s said the towers don’t just pollute when run on gensets, but also radiate waves that could be harmful. WHO has said that it still has no data to reach any conclusion on health risks.

Source: TOI

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Tata Rolls Out GSM Service in Karnataka

by on Jul.11, 2009, under News, Technology

After launching its services in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Orissa a few days ago, Tata Teleservices’ GSM brand Tata DoCoMo has started its commercial operations in Karnataka.

Tata DoCoMo

Tata DoCoMo, a joint venture between Tata Teleservices and Japan’s NTT DoCoMo, plans to get into more circles and become a pan-India player in the highly competitive GSM arena, by the end of the year. In Karnataka, the company will see its presence in over 427 towns and 2,642 villages. Over 505 km of the state’s highways will be “covered” and finally, you will have uninterrupted service along 220 km of rail routes and at places of tourist interest.

A new ‘Pay-for-what-you-use’ scheme with a pulse of one second, and a pricing of one paisa per second too was announced at the launch. In fact, it is going to be a standard pricing model for all services offered by the company.

The company is also offering services like free voicemail, timed SMS service, free missed call alerts and call-me tunes.

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