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Sony PS3 Supreme unveiled

by on Dec.25, 2009, under Gadgets, Gaming, Technology

Stuart Gold PS3

Enticed by high on the hog devices with a dab of supreme frill and elegance? Extravagancy fiends may be seen moving rhythmically and tripping the light fantastic with the fly of this news. Yes, Stuart Hughes has once again gleamed the cosmos of luxury with a brand-new addition to the list of ‘Most Expensive’. After wooing Wii bugs with the diamond-studded gold Nintendo Wii Supreme, Stuart Hughes has recently fastened belts to uncloak Sony PS3 Supreme for PS3 fiends.

Exquisitely carved out, the engaging console takes in nearly twelve weeks of unambiguous workmanship to tog itself in a snappy look. Claimed to be the most individual and high-priced PS3 in the world, the Supreme dazzles with a diamond-studded disc loading slot.

The entire main outer section of the console has been meticulously reformed with circa 1,600 grams of solid 22ct gold. Breathtakingly resting in glossy attire, both sides of the disc loading entrance have 58 individually set 0.50 ct flawless diamonds which total 26ct.

Intending to maintain its exclusivity, merely three such gilded consoles will be available to snap up with a price tag of £199,995 (approx Rs. 14,954,372). Certainly, it will dig a big hole in the pocket.

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iPhone 3GS Supreme studded with 136 diamonds

by on Nov.30, 2009, under Gadgets, Mobile, Technology

iPhone 3GS Supreme

Captivating luxury enthusiasts Stuart Hughes continues to design magnificent handsets for the style icons yenning to get their hands on magnificently dressed technology pieces. Now the luxury handset manufacturer opens up its Pandora box to show off the world’s most expensive mobile phone dubbed the iPhone 3GS Supreme.

Designed by Stuart Hughes of Liverpool , England, the majestic iPhone is a result of 10 months of creative extravagance. The entire casing is embellished with 271 grams of 22ct solid gold. The front bezel incorporates 136 flawless diamonds color F, which sums up to a massive 68 cts.

The logo at the rear side of the iPhone is made of solid gold and is ornamented with 53 flawless diamonds amounting to 1 ct. The front navigation button is exquisitely crafted, owing to a single cut very rare diamond at 7.1 cts. It is said that the extraordinary handset was made to order by an anonymous Australian businessman from the Gold mining industry.

The chest which abodes this inimitable handset is made from a single block of Granite, in Kashmir gold with the inner lined with Nubuck top grain leather and weighs a colossal 7kg.

The ultra luxurious iPhone 3GS Supreme is heavily priced at £1.92 million.

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