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Simplify Ordering Food, Foodpanda

by on Oct.08, 2013, under Reviews

You are hungry and don’t want to go out, ordering food at home is the best bet. One will call a nearby restaurant and order food which is no big deal. However problem starts when you don’t have the menu card with you or when the restaurant number is not there or you don’t even know what options are available. In this scenario online food ordering services come into picture. The pioneer in this field is a company called Foodpanda


Foodpanda covers most of the restaurants in cities which it has presence and delivers you hot and tasty food in no time. You need to first select your city and then area eventually list of outlets serving food in your area will come up. Once you choose a particular restaurant, you will get the broader menu, like soups, main course, kebabs, vegetarian, deals etc, and then there is sub menu. You can keep making your choices and you will be ready with your order and the payment process is the usual enter your card details or you can go for the cash on delivery. All the offers related to particular restaurant or other offers will be clearly updated and displayed.

Foodpanda has a presence in 28 countries, and also has a huge foot mark in India with coverage in 14 cities like Delhi, Noida, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, and many more. They are increasing their presence every year. The company has also launched a mobile application to reach out to the customers on the go.

Foodpanda has a very user friendly and clutter free user interface which makes ordering food online a cake walk. The whole experience of ordering food is great I would definitely suggest all the lazy people to give it a try.

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Online Shopping, 70% Shoppers Use Web Coupons

by on Nov.20, 2012, under Featured

Shopping via internet is on boom in India, with the people gaining trust in the concept called “Online Shopping” there are now more than 100 shopping websites. These websites offer anything and everything from a little bottle of shampoo to apparels to huge electronic stuff. Earlier the online payment procedures were not trustworthy, but now with the increased know how people are moving towards online shopping.

Another driving factor to online shopping is the cost of the product, which is less than in his/her local market. Moreover there are discount coupons and promotions available on most of the shopping websites which make the cost of the product irresistible for the customer. These coupons are so popular that they have led to development of a new class of websites, the ones where you’ll find all the discount coupons. Groupon is a famous website implementing such concept and is in market from quite some time. Various Indian websites have also come up, famous one being CupoNation. This website is free for everyone, lot of coupons and voucher codes available from a number of online stores. People can subscribe for newsletters to get regular updates about new offers.

Online coupons and promotion codes positively influence the purchase cycle by reducing shopping cart abandonment, improving conversion rates and reinforcing positive feelings about brands. Additionally, 88% of respondents said that promo codes or coupons “close the deal” on their decision to make a purchase.

Few of the famous websites are,, and many more. You can buy great stuff at cheaper price just by applying the coupon/promotion code. One may think Where to find Jabong Coupons? The answer is multiple coupon websites like CupoNation available online.

We hope your shopping spree will continue like before, and saving a lot more money.
Happy Shopping.

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How Much Are Used Electronics and Gadgets Worth?

by on Apr.13, 2012, under Featured

Just when you think you’ve got your surround sound speaker or home theater system or the latest LCD TV perfected, a new standard or technology comes along to blow away the performance and confidence of your existing setup. You have just bought the latest mobile phone available in the market with all the latest features like great camera, super fast processor, touch screen but soon you come to know you have a superior version available. Technology tends to get outdated very quickly these days.

People like to stay up to date when it comes to gadgets be it mobile phones or their laptop or be it any gadget. Take the case of iPhone you have a new one every year. What is the worth for your old one. Gadgets age fast indeed very fast, it’s even worse for computers, whose age is even lesser. You bought one with the best processor available, huge memory and everything available on board but this configuration might not be the best just even after a month. Which leaves gadget fancy people with no option but to upgrade.

This being the case, one can’t help but wonder: What to do with all the electronic clutter? Thankfully, the answer is both simple and good for your household budget. If the product is in good shape, then you could sell it at the online marketplaces. Sure, you can always sell a damaged or partly broken phone, but, obviously, you will not get so many offers than when you will offer it for sale in a good condition.

There are many websites who purchase second hand computers and laptops, used cell phones, Apple iPods, iPhones, PDAs, smartphones, MP3 players, old software with valid serial numbers, and video game consoles and even the quotes are instant.

Then there are websites who won’t buy your gear outright, but here you can list your gadget or item, set up a price and people can bid upon it or buy it directly. These websites have a cut in the deal done.

Always remember – every penny saved will take you a step closer to a purchase of that amazing new high-tech upgrade.

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