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Is Sony Planning to Launch its own App Store?

by on Jul.10, 2009, under Gaming, Mobile, News, Technology

Are the rumour’s right? There will be a Sony App Store. iPhone and iPod Touch users can download games and applications via the Apple App Store. And with the release of Sony’s new handheld system, the PSPgo, UMDs will become all but obsolete. In fact, rumor has it that Sony is planning to put in place an App Store dedicated to the PSPgo.

PSPgo Getting App Store

Destructoid has been informed by “sources close to game development” that Sony is pushing developers for smaller games and applications, best suited for download, for its PSP. Also, Sony is said to be ready to reveal this new development at gamescom in Cologne, Germany which will take place in August. Apparently the company plans on keeping the price of these “non-retail” games low-key, considerably less than retail UMDs.

The smaller games and applications are likely to be priced somewhere in the USD 2 (approx. Rs. 95) and USD 6 (approx. Rs. 290), and would have file sizes of not more than 100 MB each.

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