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Google Gives Free Wi-Fi at Airport in US

by on Nov.11, 2009, under News, Technology

Google is giving travelers in the US an awesum gift for holidays. The Silicon Valley company said Tuesday it would provide free Wi-Fi service at 47 major airports throughout the US until Jan 15, 2010.

"We're very happy to extend our holiday Wi-Fi gift to the millions of people who will spend time in airports over the next few months," said Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and user experience at Google.

"We know that this is a very hectic travel season for people, and we hope that free Wi-Fi will make both travelling and connecting with friends and family a little bit easier."

According to the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), some 100 million people will pass through the participating airports during the holiday season.

With the hectic schedules and seasonal weather often causing delays, the average passenger spends some 70 minutes waiting in the airport once they pass through security, according to FAA figures quoted by Google.

Airports in the scheme include Las Vegas, San Jose, Boston, Baltimore, Burbank, Houston, Indianapolis, Seattle, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Orlando, St Louis and Charlotte.

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Google's Chrome OS Leaked Image

by on Jul.31, 2009, under Computer, News

It’s been some time since we first herd of about Google’s Chrome OS and it’s the second time that we are hearing about the screenshots/images of the OS at work being leaked.

Google's Chrome OS

Another thing that makes this leak slightly more convincing as these images are blurred, crap images shot by a seasoned image leaker who knows how to take photographs that will soon end make rounds of the interweb.p>

The UI bears no resemblance to Google’s traditional, simplistic approach. In one of the images, you can also see a Linux logo. We don’t think this is right! We leave it for you to decide

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Microsoft, Yahoo Agree on Partnership

by on Jul.29, 2009, under Computer, News, Technology

Blackberry Curve 8520

Microsoft and Yahoo’s deal musings have been talked about and chewed a lot since last year. Finally, Microsoft Corp and Yahoo Inc have agreed to an online search and advertising partnership, in an attempt to rival Google Inc, as per reports, the deal would be officially announced sometime today.

Microsoft will not pay an upfront fee to Yahoo, and sources stated that Yahoo would keep 110 percent of all revenue till two years and in the third year, Yahoo would keep 90 percent revenues stated BoomTown column at AllThingsD. But there isn’t any detail about upfront payments from Microsoft to Yahoo. Microsoft and Yahoo declined comment.

Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo last year but its $47.5 billion bid was rebuffed and Yahoo's attempt to seal a search advertising deal with Google Inc fell apart under regulatory scrutiny. Under the expected deal, Microsoft's new Bing search engine will power Yahoo's searches, according to AllThingsD, while Yahoo will handle the advertising sales, using Microsoft technology.

With Yahoo embracing Microsoft’s search technology, it would quite interesting to see if any changes in search market shares takes place for either Yahoo or Microsoft. If Bing’s search engine technology is being used for powering Yahoo Search then pressure on Bing to get better might escalate. Also, Microsoft would be happy to get more Yahoo Search to Bing switching audience. Those using Yahoo search as a second option after Google would be considered as target audience as well. It’s win-win situation for Microsoft.

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