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Dell Mini 10v netbook with Chrome OS

by on Nov.30, 2009, under Gadgets, News, Technology

Dell Mini10 V netbook The macrocosm of netbooks turned little more gleaming this time. Well, according to Crunchgear, Liliputing reports that users who own a Dell Mini 10v can now get a distribution of the Google Chrome OS from Dell. Yes, you heard it right.

If reports are true, then users can now run Chromium OS, the open source developmental version of Google Chrome OS, on their Dell Mini 10v netbook. To notify, it is almost 8GB of data, so users will need a USB flash drive of at least that capacity to use it.

Seemingly, once downloaded, users will further need to shuck off the image to their flash drive. After downloading the said image file, it is necessitated for users to copy it from the Linux computer using “dd” to the flash drive.

Interestingly, once it’s on the drive, simply plug it in to the Mini 10v and enjoy the Google Chrome preview.

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Google's Chrome OS Launching this Month?

by on Nov.13, 2009, under Computer, News, Technology

We’d herd last month that this month Google would finally launch its highly-anticipated Chrome OS, and now we’ve got a “reliable source” over at TechCrunch saying that the software is gearing up for launch “within a week.”
Google Chrome OS
We can’t be too certain that it ain’t a rumor, if its not it would not be available for every machine. The presumed Alpha build will likely only support a select few products that Google engineers have had a chance to specifically work with — possibly something such as an Eee PC netbook, which has generally the same specifications regardless of design or model number. Anyways we have to be prepared if something interesting comes to our way this month end, lets hope for the best. Stay Tuned.

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Google's Chrome OS Leaked Image

by on Jul.31, 2009, under Computer, News

It’s been some time since we first herd of about Google’s Chrome OS and it’s the second time that we are hearing about the screenshots/images of the OS at work being leaked.

Google's Chrome OS

Another thing that makes this leak slightly more convincing as these images are blurred, crap images shot by a seasoned image leaker who knows how to take photographs that will soon end make rounds of the interweb.p>

The UI bears no resemblance to Google’s traditional, simplistic approach. In one of the images, you can also see a Linux logo. We don’t think this is right! We leave it for you to decide

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