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Next Generation iPhone 4G Unscrewed in Vietnam

by on May.12, 2010, under Gadgets, Mobile, News, Technology

iPhone 4G

A Vietnamese site ‘Taoviet’ has nabbed another of apple’s lost 4th generation iPhone The iPhone 4G — a 16GB model to be exact. It’s the preproduction model as there is XXX stamp on back and likely lacks a bootable OS.


This one is a polished version of the one found by gizmodo few weeks back. Notably, the pair of screws at the bottom of the device are gone. The cleaner design could indicate a newer prototype.

The black “N90″ text on the white sticker which is the rumored internal codename for Apple’s next generation GSM iPhone. The unscrewed pics show the Apple branded processor, which is actually the chip in the Apple’s iPad.

iPhone 4G

After enhancing the image, the chip is tagged:


The same as the processor in the iPad:

iPhone 4G

The screen looks really sharp and clear. It definitely has a higher resolution than the current generation, with a quality and viewing angle comparable to the iPad.

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