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Nokia’s Booklet 3G ‘mini laptop’

by on Aug.24, 2009, under Downloads, Gadgets, News, Technology

Nokia's Booklet 3G

So Nokia’s finally got a 10-incher with built-in 3G and A-GPS (Ovi Maps) in the works. Interesting, but will it be just-another-netbook? We’d love to see a Nokia touch-screen interface on top of Windows. What about easy tethering with cell phones?

We have been hearing about ever since the dawn of 2009. The first news of Nokia’s netbook aspirations was reported back in February when non other than the Nokia CEO had admitted that it is “interested” in making netbook like computers. Almost seven months down the lane, the culmination of it is what is known as the Nokia Booklet 3G, Nokia’s very own netbook! But wait! Nokia seems to be very careful not to use the “netbook” slang for its latest baby and it has reasons.

Nokia's Booklet 3G

With its Atom processor and 10.1-inch display, but that screen is higher res than your average Eee, and it also sports integrated 3G wireless and a hot-swappable SIM card, so it’s definitely trying to define its own niche. It looks to be running Windows 7, which isn’t particularly netbooky, and also has integrated A-GPS with a copy of Ovi Maps, HDMI output, a rated 12 hour battery life, and the usual Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, all in a 2cm (.78 inch), 2.7lb aluminum body that’s understated, sophisticated, and should make most Nokia fans very happy.

More on the Booklet 3G will be seen at the Nokia World scheduled on Sept. 2 at Barcelona. That’s when we’d be hearing when this one makes its official debut. We would also get to know the price range at which one of this kind can be purchased for!

Here’s an exclusive video of Nokia Booklet.

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