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LG Chocolate BL40 spotted

by on Jul.17, 2009, under Gadgets, Mobile, Technology

Remember LG CHOCOLATE BL40? After an officially released teaser last week, but first time there came few photos on the internet. To make things even better LG device with similar styling has also came along.

This might be LG BL42 which appeared last week. Even a few specs have also been revealed – a QVGA screen, capable of displaying up to 65K colors, 3G capabilities. It also mentions 3 softkeys but as it seems from the photos they’re probably not physical.

This is not entirely surprising as the original Chocolate was one of the first phones to feature a touchpad instead of regular softkeys. So if the LG BL40 and BL42 are to be its successors they should follow the same suit.

LG BL40 and BL42

LG BL40 and BL42

LG BL40 and BL42

LG BL40 and BL42

Click on the image for larger view.

There’s also few interesting facts that we noticed, both the LG BL40 and BL42 have several entries, with suffixes like TMO, O2, VDF and others. Doesn’t those sound like any carriers? There might be a possibility that you favorite operator is receiving its own customized version sooner than you can think.

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