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LG Announced Stylish XF1 500GB Multimedia Hard Drive

by on Jul.20, 2009, under Gadgets, Technology

Looking for an external hard drive with a flashy color-shifting case, reasonably stout multimedia credentials, and a website with an outrageously long flash intro?

Look no further than LG’s XF1, a 500GB machine with a USB interface and HDMI output to stream some high-def content straight to your set, but at a maximum of 1080i. The new LG XF1 is the company’s first multimedia HDD that plays high def content from AVI, Xvid, and MPEGs 1, 2, and 4 files directly onto your TV set in 1080i quality.

LG XF1 500GB

Available with smooth curves and gorgeous gloss-black finish, LG FX1 is not much of a Mac lover as it packs a codec decoder that only reads FAT32 and NTFS exclusively. The devices features on-onboard touch-sensitive buttons for navigation (say bye bye to the remote) and for connectivity it also comes packed with a composite AV output and a mini-USB jack.

Although it’s a damn pleasing addition – aesthetically speaking, the new LG XF1 lacks H.264, WMV and MKV support and misses out on a few features that would’ve turned it into a hot seller. Let’s hope LG can do a bit better next time.

No news regarding the price or release date as of now!

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