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iPhone 4 Lands in India on May 27, 2011

by on May.25, 2011, under Mobile

Apple is always unfair towards India when it comes to iPhone, the world is expecting the launch of 5th generation iPhone, India is officially getting its hand on 4th generation iPhone the “iPhone 4″. The iPhone is the only Apple product now left that isn’t on time as even the iPad 2 and the new line of Mac have reached India.

iPhone 4

Telecom operators, Airtel and Aircel will officially launch the iPhone 4 in India on the 27th May, 2011. The iPhone 4 will be made available in both the postpaid and prepaid subscription plans. The 16GB version of the iPhone will cost INR 34, 500, whereas the 32GB version will cost INR 40, 900.

Airtel hasn’t given any word regarding the plans or the launch, but is soon expected to. To view Aircel’s Postpaid and Prepaid subscription plans Click Here.

The release states that “Following an upfront payment of Rs. 34,500 for the 16GB model and Rs. 40,900 for the 32GB model, customers will have the opportunity to recover 100 percent of their upfront iPhone cost in monthly credits on their service plan over a period of 24 months”.

We will keep you updated with any further news.

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1 Comment for this entry

  • Sudeep

    Hey Guys,

    27th May 2011, every apple fan must have woken up in anticipation to grab the much awaited iphone4 and so did I.

    Little did I realize that AIRTEL was not at all geared up to provide its heavily advertised 3g services to its valued customers.

    I have been an Airtel user for more than 5 years, never did I think of switching over to a better service provider. Not even when number portability came into existance but now I guess its time to rethink over my decision to hold on to Airtel because Airterl today has least interest in extending basic services to its old loyalists.

    My plight started on 27th when I purchased the iphone4 and the moment I switched from an unlimited blackberry plan (Rs899/month) to 1000 3g plan on airtel. The internet connectivity (both on 2g and 3g) has been intermittent ever since the change of plan.

    I had been repeatedly chasing their support team members who blatantly told me that they were not completely hands on with the new device… Then why the hell did they lauch the iphone in the first place without any preparedness… They seemed to be least bothered with their own image but at least AIRTEL has no right to marginalize the reputation of APPLE and its premium product iphone4.

    I had a pathetic experience with the phone because of the service provider. The customer support at Airtel are bunch of buffons who have no business to be sitting there because they do not realize the importance of time. In spite of my repeated complaints, they have been unable to commit a resolution within 24hrs. Look at the audacity, they claim to resolve the net connetivity issue in 3-4 days… I am sure no one who uses the phone for business mails can afford to wait that long. Especially a subscriber who was on blackberry earlier. Do they have an iota of empathy? NO NOT AT ALL

    The biggest joke of all, they initially suggested that I should get in touch with APPLE for help on lack on INTERNET CONNECTIVITY….

    APPLE if you are listening, you should reconsider your decision to partner with such a company who has very little sense of customer responsiveness.

    Guys out there, wanting to buy and use APPLE iPhone4 …. watch out. Do not use AIRTEL 3g services on your phone because they are smply not geared up yet…Wait for some time till they grow up or use any other service provider.

    AIRTEL, my recent complaint nos are – 37681285 & 37683637. I urge you guys to resolve the issue by 1:00 PM tomorrow else I have to move to consumer court before i switch to another service provider.

    Believe me guys, AIRTEL and its support team SUCKS BIG TIME.

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