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Google’s Nexus One, The iPhone Killer

by on Jan.06, 2010, under Gadgets, Mobile, Technology

Possibly this is the iPhone killer you were waiting for?

We already knew this was about to coming, but now its official, let’s go ahead and do the official "launch" story!

So, the much sought after "GooglePhone", the Nexus One has been officially unveiled by Google (in chagrin with HTC) at its much talked about Android Press Event earlier today. The  phone, termed by Google as a "superphone" has the looks, the specs and the backing to take on the mighty iPhone.The specs which are the same as we had posted in our earlier stories about this device does make the phone a powerful computing device, bundled in a 11.9mm, 130gram package. The Nexus One is now officially available in the US and will soon be available in "most countries" across the globe. Officially, it is not here in India though as yet. We would be taking an in-depth look at the phone, its future prospects and if this thing really blows the iPhone away. 

The unlocked Nexus would cost you a cool USD 529, (Rs.25,000) which seems to be a good price for the phone of this calibre. That by the way sure does not look like the price at which the Nexus One will arrive officially in India! That said, the current iteration of the phone does NOT support the 3G bands that will be operational in India, maybe this year only. However, Google has confirmed that more localized versions of the Nexus One is on the anvil — so we have that bit covered.

Here are all the tit bits of the killer baby.

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    Google’s Nexus One, The iPhone Killer > Panache Blog > India’s Top Technology Guide…

    The much sought after “GooglePhone”, the Nexus One has been officially unveiled by Google. It is said to be the “iPhone killer”….

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