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Diagnol Slider Concept Phone

by on Jul.22, 2009, under Gadgets, News, Technology

DYA Concept PhoneDesigner Aran Mun has come up with a unique concept phone called the DYA Cell Phone. With an innovative design, it has a diagonal cut and is possibly a diagonal slider handset.

The rear side of this phone comes coated with elastic paint that gives a softer feel. The rounded bubble-button and a triangular screen make the phone quite unique.

Users need to open the device diagonally to make or receive calls. The buttons are round and soft to touch, which would probably enable users to dial easily and comfortably. The placement of the buttons is rather unusual compared to the phones available in the market, the number 1 is placed on the top and is followed by the other digits from left to right.

This phone is a concept let’s see if this turns into a reality and hopefully comes to India.

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