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Sony PS3 Supreme unveiled

by on Dec.25, 2009, under Gadgets, Gaming, Technology

Stuart Gold PS3

Enticed by high on the hog devices with a dab of supreme frill and elegance? Extravagancy fiends may be seen moving rhythmically and tripping the light fantastic with the fly of this news. Yes, Stuart Hughes has once again gleamed the cosmos of luxury with a brand-new addition to the list of ‘Most Expensive’. After wooing Wii bugs with the diamond-studded gold Nintendo Wii Supreme, Stuart Hughes has recently fastened belts to uncloak Sony PS3 Supreme for PS3 fiends.

Exquisitely carved out, the engaging console takes in nearly twelve weeks of unambiguous workmanship to tog itself in a snappy look. Claimed to be the most individual and high-priced PS3 in the world, the Supreme dazzles with a diamond-studded disc loading slot.

The entire main outer section of the console has been meticulously reformed with circa 1,600 grams of solid 22ct gold. Breathtakingly resting in glossy attire, both sides of the disc loading entrance have 58 individually set 0.50 ct flawless diamonds which total 26ct.

Intending to maintain its exclusivity, merely three such gilded consoles will be available to snap up with a price tag of £199,995 (approx Rs. 14,954,372). Certainly, it will dig a big hole in the pocket.

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Dell shows off new 13.3” Vostro V13 portable laptop

by on Dec.10, 2009, under Computer, Gadgets, Technology

Dell Vostro V13 Laptop

The only that occupied users’ minds pertaining laptops is its portability and feature-pack. Aligning with such increasing demands, Dell has recently come up with its next ‘must-have’ mobile entrepreneurs’ business accessory named Vostro V13. The newest addition to its small-business line of Vostro laptops, the 13.3-inch Vostro V13 comes with a fully-packed bag of efficient features and portability.

Flaunting its supreme design, the device is laid out exclusively for small-business frequent travelers and is as thin as 0.65 inches with a weight starting at 3.5 pounds. Enriched with ultra-low voltage Intel (ULV) processors, the laptop helps in managing energy efficiency while offering enough power for everyday computing.

“Not long ago, business travelers like me had to choose mobility and affordability at the expense of performance. That’s no longer the case with the V13,” expressed Ravi Bharadwaj, General Manager, Small and Medium Business, Dell India. “This 13-inch small business laptop is in a category all its own as entrepreneurs now have quality performance, battery life and security combined with a thin and lightweight design sturdy enough for today’s business.”

The easy-to-carry Vostro V13 is encased in high-quality brushed aluminum with reinforced zinc hinges, thereby making it ready for rough handling as well. Users can now always be connected, thanks to its integrated 802.11g/n wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and WWAN mobile broadband. Now, keep valuable data under lock and key with optional full-data-encrypted hard drives.

Additionally, the laptop runs Windows 7 with almost zero effort and executes everyday tasks very quickly with support for up to 4GB of DDR3 SDRAM memory.

Dell Vostro V13 has a price tag starting at Rs. 28,500.

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Gboard for Gmail Users

by on Dec.06, 2009, under Gadgets, Technology

Gmail Gboard

A legion of users has been served tremendously by Gmail with its effortless and highly influential mail service. Broadening the horizon, Gmail has now come up with something more exhilarating. Well, Gmail has recently taken the wrap of its new product dubbed Gboard, a distinctive keyboard with extremely useful shortcuts, icons and colors to help users access the shortcuts in no time.

Making everything super-facile, the device enables users to accomplish different tasks, or learn the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail by just pressing a button to search, to reply, to archive, to blot out, and much more.

This custom mini-keyboard features 19 essential colored keys for executing pre-defined Gmail shortcuts by Google. Users don’t even need to install any software in order to actuate the alluring device. It simply functions using the built-in capabilities of users’ operating system and browser.

Weighing merely 0.14 kg, the self-explanatory keyboard can be snapped up for as little as $19.99.

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