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Tata Sells its First NANO

by on Jul.18, 2009, under News

Tata Nano

We’ve been watching the development of Tata Motors’ Nano — the car of the mass with a price tag of mere Rs. 1Lakh. Way back when it was only an announcement, Well, today the cycle is complete: the first Nano has officially been sold to Mumbai resident Ashok Vichare, who says he bought the car (his first) because it’s the smallest and cheapest sold in India.

The company held a lottery to decide who could purchase the first 100,000 Nanos, and has got a waiting list of about a year for further cars.

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TuneWiki for iPhone

by on Jul.18, 2009, under Reviews, Tips & Tricks


TuneWiki turns song lyrics into subtitles so you can read along while you listen.

You must have herd about Lyrical, the free app that lets you look up lyrics for the currently playing song but TuneWiki does better, spooling out lyrics as the song plays. It actually streams lyrics in Real Time.

With TuneWiki for iPhone and iPod Touch, you choose a song from your library using TuneWiki interface, then watch the lyrics scroll past as it plays.

The song has already been “time-synced” by another user. If not, you’ll have the option of advancing the lyrics yourself so the app will know the sync points in the future.

TuneWiki also lets you stream music from countless Shoutcast radio stations, and works the same lyric-subtitling magic with most songs.

It also includes a YouTube video search option and supports both Twitter and Facebook, it can automatically update your status to show what song you’re playing. It even emulates the TuneWiki site’s mapping option to show you who’s listening to what in various parts of the world.

Overall, It’s a pretty cool app. But browsing your song library is a slow, awkward process, in part because TuneWiki lacks the alphabet-shortcut menu on the right edge of the screen.

The menu options and icons aren’t logically designed or organized. Most buttons don’t look like buttons.

If you like to read lyrics while you’re listening to music its the best. The subtitling works pretty well, and it’s hard to complain too much about an app that costs nothing to use.

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