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Moser Baer MP565-2G DAP

by on Jul.05, 2009, under Gadgets, Technology

Moser Baer is now a official MP3 player now, but is that a news? NO. The player is not a eyecandy but with a exciting price tag and have aesthetically sound designs – like this the MP565-2G - its a good thing. Let’s take a look.

Form Factor
The MP565 is a slim USB styled player. It has a metal clip attached to the rear so it’s very easily portable and comfortable to wear. On one side is the Menu key that acts as a return key as well. On the other side, the top to be specific has a 3.5mm earphone socket and a mini USB port for data connectivity and charging via the same. A hold slider is available on the other end. The clear LCD display in front is easy to navigate via the joystick navigation key beside it. You can also choose to set the color.

It’s not a great looking player but it’s quite well designed. What we particularly found a bit unattractive is the steel clip. It’s a simple light weight, compact design. 

Features and Performance

The bundles earphones, although comfortable to wear are not up to par. Using a better set for testing, We have to say the audio was so much better. Navigating the User Interface and menus in general will take a bit of getting used to, but you’ll get there. There didn’t seem to be any facility for creating a playlist though you can play files via folders. The overall clarity of music play is not too bad. The higher frequencies tend be just a little brighter than the others. In this case the EQ presets are quite handy to help adjust the tone to a more personal preference. A manually customizable option would have been better but it’s not something we missed really. It reads MP3 and WMA formats.

FM Radio
The radio’s reception was pretty good. It took just about 17 seconds to locate and preset all nine channels. In certain areas the reception did tend to get a little shrill but in most places it was quite clear. There’s no recording option but which is not that necessary.

Other than a music player with EQ presets and an FM radio, the MP565-2G has no other features, not even a voice recorder that you’d otherwise find in most other lower-end DAPs.

Battery Life
One of the main things that the MP565-2G doesn’t manage to deliver on too well is the battery life. On an average we got just about 7 hours and change of non-stop audio playback.

The Bottom Line
With a price tag of Rs. 1,490 for 2GB, it’s not a bad deal. The only thing not going for the Moser Baer MP565 MP3 player is its battery life. This strictly simplistic player is highly portable and decently priced. If the battery life is not a problem for you, the MP565-2G is a good enough player, personal suggestions do buy a better pair of earphones.

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Spammers Ride on Jackson Death

by on Jul.05, 2009, under News

Micheal Jackson's death shocked the entire world – it was the end of an era. But even before he has been laid to rest hackers and spammers are using his name and death to spread malware.

Sophos had encountered a mass-mailing worm that spams out messages with the following characteristics:

Subject: Remembering Michael Jackson
Attached file: Michael songs and

The email, which claims to come from [email protected], says that the attached ZIP file contains secret songs and photos of Michael Jackson.

Opening the attachment exposes you to infection – and if your computer is hit you will be spreading the worm onto other internet users. Besides spreading via email, the malware is also capable of spreading as an Autorun component on USB memory sticks (an increasingly common trend for malware as use of these devices has become more and more popular).

Sophos detects the malware proactively as Mal/ZipMal-B and Mal/VB-AD, and recommends that users of other anti-virus products ensure that their defences are properly updated.

Though there has been much cybercriminal activity following his death, Michael Jackson was not immune from having his name exploited by hackers when he was alive either.

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