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Details of Sony eBook Reader

by on Jul.31, 2009, under Gadgets, News, Technology

Sony PRS-505 eBook Reader

Sony is rumored to launch a new ebook reader this August, reports Slashgear. This reader is believed to include Wi-Fi connectivity, larger display and internal storage memory.

The new reader is expected to be a replacement for the Sony PRS-505. However, the reader has been designed on the lines of the PRS-700 but doesn’t include a touchscreen interface.

Sony PRS eBook Reader

Reportedly, this news was initiated by a member of the MobileRead forums. According to the forum, a manager at the Books-a-Million disclosed the specifications of this reader. Many other sources have supported this news. However, none of them confirm the specific August launch.

The manuals state that no light or wireless connectivity support will be present in either of the model. However, it’s sane enough to wait for the official confirmation to come out on these readers. It should be noted that PRS-700 is no longer offered at the Sony Style. Still, the debate continues on whether people need eBook Readers or not. The one who requires it, will buy it.

This new ebook reader will be launched somewhere in August and is expected to be priced at approx. Rs. 14,540 ($300).

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Google's Chrome OS Leaked Image

by on Jul.31, 2009, under Computer, News

It’s been some time since we first herd of about Google’s Chrome OS and it’s the second time that we are hearing about the screenshots/images of the OS at work being leaked.

Google's Chrome OS

Another thing that makes this leak slightly more convincing as these images are blurred, crap images shot by a seasoned image leaker who knows how to take photographs that will soon end make rounds of the interweb.p>

The UI bears no resemblance to Google’s traditional, simplistic approach. In one of the images, you can also see a Linux logo. We don’t think this is right! We leave it for you to decide

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Apple unveils 2TB Time Capsule

by on Jul.30, 2009, under Gadgets, Technology

Apple Time Capsule

Few months before we got an evidence that 2TB Time Capsule is under process, Apple has finally listed said device for sale in its webstore. So far we know that it has 802.11n router + NAS drive which isn’t any different than existing models save for the internal capacity, and it looks to be shipping today for approx Rs. 24100 ($499).

If you’ll recall, that’s exactly what Apple was charging for the 1TB model yesterday, which has today stooped to just approx. Rs. 14500 ($299). As far as 500GB model is concerned you can only get it in refurbished section for approx. Rs. 9650 ($199).

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