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Classified Websites, the Right Choice for Buying & Selling

by on Feb.22, 2012, under Tips & Tricks

Often you are looking for jobs, trying to buy or sell your stuff, trying to find out a house for yourself. You spend many hours and days on all this and might land up no where. For the ease many online classifieds websites have come up, to ease up the process for you.

Web means fast and we mean really fast, you can end up selling your stuff or getting a job just in matter few hours. These classified website have proved to be a boon for such need. Most of the websites are free, with few of them charging for the premium ads.

Classified sites are really great money saver and you can contact directly your audience. You can save lots of money by using free classifieds and now you can buy and sell almost anything on classified sites, searching a job, a life partner for long or short term relation everything is on your finger tip. In India classified site are more popular than social networking sites. Every day more and more people are now using free classified to reach their audience or buy/sell anything.

Sahipasand is India’s main classified websites for jobs in delhi, cars, and property. The service allows anyone in India to buy and sell in his or her region conveniently in a very simple manner without registration and complicated procedures.

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Three Tricks for Prolonging Your Android’s Battery Life

by on Jul.22, 2011, under Tips & Tricks

With powerful mobile phones that allow us to surf the web, check our email, and play Angry Birds for hours on end, it’s no surprise that their battery life is limited. Smartphones have so much to offer, that sometimes we forget that they are merely machines running on battery juice. While the battery life on your Android phone may never be exactly how you would ideally like it, there are several steps you can take to better preserve its juice. Before you run out and buy a pricy car charger or download a tedious and space consuming app that claims to “kill tasks” and save battery life, try these three tricks that you can do immediately on your Android to help save battery life.

Android's Battery

Turn Off Bluetooth Function

One of the easiest and most common ways to waste battery life on your cell phone is by leaving features and programs on that are not being used. While this may sound trite, be sure to turn off any programs and features your phone offers if you are not using them. This can really up your phone’s battery life. One of the most common battery suckers is the Bluetooth function on your phone. Many people either fail to realize that their Bluetooth function is actually activated or fail to realize just how much battery the function uses. If you are not using your phone’s Bluetooth capabilities, switch it to the off position. Most Android phones have the Bluetooth on and off switch on a widget on your home screen. If Bluetooth is left on and you are not using it, your phone will waste its battery life trying to locate Bluetooth signals. To better preserve your phone’s juice, turn this function off when it is not immediately needed.

Use Airplane Mode When Possible

There are many times throughout the day where your phone should either be off or is put on silent and you are not using it. Oftentimes, people will place their phone on silent during the work hours and not look at it for more than just the time. Other times, when you go to a doctor’s appointment or a meeting we will turn our phones off for that short period of time. However, what many smartphone users fail to realize is that turning on and off your phone regularly can actually waste more of your battery juice than you think. Rather than turning your phone off for the short period that you are not using it or putting it on silent when all you are using if for is a watch, try utilizing the Airplane Mode function. When your phone is on Airplane Mode it cannot receive or transmit any sort of data. This means that it cannot receive calls or texts and you cannot make them. This will significantly save battery life when used in the right way.

Figure Out What is Actually Eating Your Battery

As with most things, one of the easiest ways to resolve an issue is to know what is causing the issue. In the case of your phone’s battery, this is most certainly true. Most Android devices on the market today have a built in way to see what features your phone is using its battery on. Many Android users don’t know that this invaluable feature exists. Learn what aspects of your phone use is the most draining for the battery by going to your phone’s Setting, the About Phone section, and then tapping the Battery Use tab. This page will give you the percentage of your battery that is expended on your phone being idle, cell standby, the display, media, and more. By evaluating where most of the battery power is going, you can then work to remedy the problem and altering your use of your phone.

Author Bio

This guest post is contributed by Patricia Garza, who writes about gadget, technology, design, social media, e-learning related articles at online university rankings.

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BlackBerry Facebook App over WiFi Without BIS/BES

by on Jun.09, 2011, under Tips & Tricks

Facebook App on Blackberry seems an expensive thing, with the subscriber having to shell out INR 599 monthly for BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) or BlackBerry Enterprise Server as Blackberry Facebook App doesn’t run on WiFi.

But how would it sound if we say you can run Blackberry Facebook App through WiFi without having to pay heavy charges for BIS/BES. Yes, now its possible you can use the Facebook 2.0 App for BlackBerry over WiFi. This app enables Push Notifications, Calendar Synchronization, Facebook chat, Improved News Feeds and much more features.

Blackberry Facebook App

To run Blackberry Facebook App through WiFi follow the steps below:

  1. Go to BlackBerry Beta Zone by clicking here.
  2. If you are already registered, simply Log In. Otherwise click on Register Now.
  3. While registering yourself, you should know your BB’s PIN. You can check this out from Options->Status ->PIN.
  4. Once you have registered, a confirmation email will be sent on your email address. Confirm your registration by clicking on ‘Click here to activate your account’.
  5. Now you have been successfully registered on Blackberry Beta Zone. If you are using your PC for the registration you need to Log in via your BB to BlackBerry Beta Zone to download the Facebook 2.0. (use WiFi). Remember use the Blackberry’s default browser, not a third party browser.
  6. Once the app has been downloaded, it won’t work as it is. You need a few more things to make it work. Open your Beta Zone profile, go to My Account and click on Keycodes.
  7. Click on ‘Get latest keycode‘. A key code will be emailed to you. Make sure that you are using your BB to get key code from your email, because the key code is large enough (actually very large to remember). Copy the key code.
  8. Open the Facebook App, scroll down and paste the key code and click agree.
  9. If your Facebook app is not working at this stage, restart your phone.
  10. Congrats! you can now run Facebook 2.0 App via WiFi.

If you face any difficulties let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

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