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Simplify Ordering Food, Foodpanda

by on Oct.08, 2013, under Reviews

You are hungry and don’t want to go out, ordering food at home is the best bet. One will call a nearby restaurant and order food which is no big deal. However problem starts when you don’t have the menu card with you or when the restaurant number is not there or you don’t even know what options are available. In this scenario online food ordering services come into picture. The pioneer in this field is a company called Foodpanda


Foodpanda covers most of the restaurants in cities which it has presence and delivers you hot and tasty food in no time. You need to first select your city and then area eventually list of outlets serving food in your area will come up. Once you choose a particular restaurant, you will get the broader menu, like soups, main course, kebabs, vegetarian, deals etc, and then there is sub menu. You can keep making your choices and you will be ready with your order and the payment process is the usual enter your card details or you can go for the cash on delivery. All the offers related to particular restaurant or other offers will be clearly updated and displayed.

Foodpanda has a presence in 28 countries, and also has a huge foot mark in India with coverage in 14 cities like Delhi, Noida, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, and many more. They are increasing their presence every year. The company has also launched a mobile application to reach out to the customers on the go.

Foodpanda has a very user friendly and clutter free user interface which makes ordering food online a cake walk. The whole experience of ordering food is great I would definitely suggest all the lazy people to give it a try.

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Facebook Chat Instant Messenger for Blackberry

by on Aug.27, 2011, under Reviews

Mobile communications have become an integral part of everyday life. Gone are the days where surfing the internet was associated with noisy dial-up modems and corpulent desktop computers. This technological era is all about the mobility and portability of the internet into gadgets rightfully dubbed as smartphones. Among different models with different possibilities, one name will always stand out: the BlackBerry phone.

ChitChat for Blackberry

If you own one of these marvelous pieces of technology, we have some more good news for you: Facebook (FB), one of the world’s most beloved social networks, is easier to use than ever before with the help of a tiny and inexpensive application named Chit Chat. To put it simply, Chit Chat will aid you greatly in checking online contacts, checking the unread message list and conducting online conversations with your friends through its nifty interface. All that and you only have to pay 1.99 dollars for it! Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, let’s review a few of its features and you can be the judge of that.

ChitChat for Blackberry

Setting up Chit Chat and running it

Chit Chat is really easy to install on your Blackberry phone. In fact, all you will be required to do once you have downloaded it is to specify the language (the default one is English). Next, you will need to enter your Facebook account and password and opt whether you want Chit Chat to remember them and whether you want to be signed in automatically whenever you start the app. Obviously, in order to use Chit Chat, you will be required to have an active Facebook account. Therefore, if you are not yet part of this amazing social network, then it’s high-time you create an account.

The buddy list: What is that?

The buddy list of the Chit Chat Blackberry FB application is in fact nothing more and nothing less than Facebook’s own friend list. With one exception: the Chit Chat Buddy system is a bit more intuitive and spotting your online, offline and idle contacts is easier than ever before. If you own a Facebook account, you are probably among those who are annoyed with the recent attempts of the developers to enhance the chat features which, let’s face it, has had sub-optimal results to say the least. On the other hand, Chit Chat has numerous ways to sort out the Buddy list, in order of names, whether the contacts are online or off and so on. Moreover, this feature enables you to hide or display the contacts that are offline.

The IM system: How does it score against the default Facebook chat?

The highlight of Chit Chat’s instant messaging system resides in the ability to perform several conversations at once, without fear of mixing them up. To put it simply, you can easily select any online contact from the Buddy list screen, click ‘Select’ and choose ‘Start IM’ with the said contact. In addition, the application also provides a time-stamp and emotion display/hide option under the preferences menu. Mind you, not even the Windows based Facebook can do that! And if you were worried that the Chit Chat will not allow you to use your favorite emoticons, you can put your mind at ease as you have full access to all your favorite Facebook emoticons which you can use to emphasize your points or turn the meaning of a sentence right around.

Is the checking and going through the unread messages as proficient as the IM?

Checking out your current unread messages is as easy as it gets with Chit Chat. In the Buddy list tab, the third sub-tab allows you to find out whether you have new emails by displaying their number on top of the bubble-like icon. In addition, since the app also enables you to segregate them and show the time-stamp, what can be easier than staying up to date with what your friends or family send you via Facebook, even when you are not at home?

Is there anything Chit Chat can’t do?

As a matter of fact, there is one thing that the developers should consider implementing and that is the news feed and the ability to update your status. However, as Henrik Larsson, one of the people in charge has stated, the application was created with simplicity in mind. So, the development team has eliminated most functions that were not vital to the proper functioning of the chat system. If you think about it, using Facebook on your mobile phone is rarely related to checking the news feed or looking at your friend’s status updates. More often than not, you will want to use the social network in order to communicate effectively, and this is exactly what Chit Chat will help you achieve.

Final word

Chit Chat is essentially an instant messaging (IM) application designed to bridge the gap between the BlackBerry smartphones and the Facebook. So far, it seems to have achieved this a lot better than the default Facebook one, which in my opinion is not nearly as intuitive or simple to use. By eliminating a great deal of scrolling through seemingly endless lists of messages, contacts and allowing you to communicate with several of your friends simultaneously, Chit Chat for Facebook Blackberry has earned the reputation of being a top app in this regard. It’s no wonder that the Chit Chat version for Windows which preceded this one was so successful!

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PressReader Brings Digital Newspaper To Your Handheld

by on Jun.23, 2011, under Reviews

PressReader is a free application that enables you to download your favorite publications to your PC, Mac, tablet, mobile device or eReader allowing you to read them even when you’re offline.


PressReader is available on Android, iOS, Blackberry, MAC, PC, iPod and on Win 7 Slate PCs, and it provides users and newspaper enthusiasts with access to over 1,800 same day, FULL-CONTENT, local, national and international newspapers and magazines from across nearly 100 countries. The costs come in the form of downloading individual newspapers at 99¢ each or an all you can read plan at $29.95 per month.

It has got a lot of great features some of them are listed below.

  • You can set up automated subscriptions to your favorite titles
  • Simply flip over the pages like you’re reading real publications
  • Pan, zoom or rotate pages, articles and photos and view them in stunning clarity
  • Easily browse publications using intuitive navigational slider
  • Sit back and listen to publications using on-demand audio
  • Print full pages and individual articles
  • Search online across titles and select titles you wish to download

You can authorize PressReader as part of your subscription. Integration with allows subscription and newspaper management with the same account information.

If you are new to, try out PressReader with 7 complimentary issues, then either choose to subscribe through or pay as you go through an appropriate app store.

Get a chance to Win 1 of 20 iPad 2s + Year-Long Personal Subscription to PressReader! Click Here for further details.

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