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BlackBerry Magnum Image Leaked

by on Jul.10, 2009, under Gadgets, Mobile, News, Technology

It has been a boring time for all BlackBerry fans out there with no new product launches or rumors in air.
Thankfully, only days after we heard of about OS 5.0 running on the Storm, we come across this at that might just help you get off that same chair.
Remember, the Blackberry Magnum that was first talked about sometime in April? The phone has made an appearance again (yay!) As always, the leaked image seems to have been taken by the worst photographer in the world with the worst piece of equipment he could come across. Thankfully, you could make out it’s a Blackberry (for obvious reasons). The all-important screen has been intelligently ‘masked’ using a (used?) sachet of Trojan Magnum con***s. Funny? yes it is.
Blackberry Magnum
The reason why the screen was oh-so-important was because of the fact that this one happens to be the first Blackberry to sport a full QWERTY keypad along with touch-input support. The screen is likely to be similar to existing Blackberry ones with a 480*320 resolution. The phone will also be 3G capable, as we have herd. No news as to when the Magnum makes its official appearance, hopefully it’ll be soon.

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