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BlackBerry Facebook App over WiFi Without BIS/BES

by on Jun.09, 2011, under Tips & Tricks

Facebook App on Blackberry seems an expensive thing, with the subscriber having to shell out INR 599 monthly for BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) or BlackBerry Enterprise Server as Blackberry Facebook App doesn’t run on WiFi.

But how would it sound if we say you can run Blackberry Facebook App through WiFi without having to pay heavy charges for BIS/BES. Yes, now its possible you can use the Facebook 2.0 App for BlackBerry over WiFi. This app enables Push Notifications, Calendar Synchronization, Facebook chat, Improved News Feeds and much more features.

Blackberry Facebook App

To run Blackberry Facebook App through WiFi follow the steps below:

  1. Go to BlackBerry Beta Zone by clicking here.
  2. If you are already registered, simply Log In. Otherwise click on Register Now.
  3. While registering yourself, you should know your BB’s PIN. You can check this out from Options->Status ->PIN.
  4. Once you have registered, a confirmation email will be sent on your email address. Confirm your registration by clicking on ‘Click here to activate your account’.
  5. Now you have been successfully registered on Blackberry Beta Zone. If you are using your PC for the registration you need to Log in via your BB to BlackBerry Beta Zone to download the Facebook 2.0. (use WiFi). Remember use the Blackberry’s default browser, not a third party browser.
  6. Once the app has been downloaded, it won’t work as it is. You need a few more things to make it work. Open your Beta Zone profile, go to My Account and click on Keycodes.
  7. Click on ‘Get latest keycode‘. A key code will be emailed to you. Make sure that you are using your BB to get key code from your email, because the key code is large enough (actually very large to remember). Copy the key code.
  8. Open the Facebook App, scroll down and paste the key code and click agree.
  9. If your Facebook app is not working at this stage, restart your phone.
  10. Congrats! you can now run Facebook 2.0 App via WiFi.

If you face any difficulties let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

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30 Comments for this entry

  • admin

    @sean. It Surely does.

  • Novotnic

    I can’t register in BB Beta Zone! Why?! Well, i enter to the page and says this: “We’re sorry, the application form is not yet available for your country. We are adding new country locations over time. Please be patient as we continue to expand across the globe.” Then i put my name, my email and country, but nothing else, no password or something else.

    Please help! What can i do?!

  • admin

    @Novotnic Blackberry Beta Zone is presently not available for Mexico, they are adding up new counties slowly.
    We would suggest that you try signing up with any of the country available in list and provide other information accordingly.
    Tell us if any further help is needed.

  • adam

    i cannot log in bb because hacked by maxim tatto? what is that? help me plz

  • 9899

    there are no keycodes?
    no link wich says… “get d latest keycodes”?
    help me plz

  • aaaaa

    there are no keycodes?
    no link wich says… “get d latest keycodes”?helppppp

  • admin

    @aaaaa A recent update in Facebook App allows the user to access app over WiFi without BIS/BES, now you don’t need to use keycodes. Download the Facebook app directly from Blackberry App World and it would work over WiFi.
    If you still have any issues do write to us.

  • Roy

    Hi, i got a new blackberry curve 9300, and updated my Facebook to version 2.0.02 smthng :P So its the newest Facebook to date i got it from Facebook’s page. It still tells me i do not have a plan to use it, is it a newer version from the app world? Thanks!

  • Roy

    Specifically version

  • Zeeshan

    i have upgraded my Facebook to… but still doesnt connect using wifi… i dont know whats wrong… can someone pls help…

  • Salma

    I have installed the facebook app from the facebook link and from bb app world. It says I have installed version and I have rebooted it to ensure everything is updated but I am still using BIS over wifi. Please help

  • gfshoping

    thanks it worked perfectly…

  • Durgesh

    I have a Blackberry Curve 3G.
    The latest facebook and a BES service.
    I have registered with the Blackberry Beta Zone successfully but it doesnot show any ‘Get the latest keycode ‘option.
    Please help me.

  • protactinium

    Idont see “get keycodes” after I click keycodes

    I’m stuck

    plese help. email me

  • james

    I can’t download. My blackberry keeps saying communication error. I’ve tried multiple wireless networks and I get the same error

  • josh

    hi, i cannot find the get keycodes link either, suggestions?

  • Sahil

    I am not getting the keycodes. I Need help.

  • Harsh Parikh

    I have already downloaded Facebook from App World but when I log in,in Blackberry Beta Zone in My Account I am not getting any Keycodes?

    Help Me!!!

  • heca

    i have done all the things you instructed, but still the same message occurs,
    ” you are currently on a service plan that does not suppirt…blah blah blah

    i have bb 9300

  • Paras

    I have downloaded the FB app(which u say that works over wifi), does not works over wifi.

  • abhijith

    GREAT.I got ma FB app working over wifi without BIS….THANK YOU SO MUCH……. :)

  • Salman Saleem

    Its still not working even m done with everystep

  • shraddha

    no it din wrk…:-(


  • Qasim

    Where is keycode link???plz helppppppppppppp me

  • Qasim

    Its working thankss

  • anshul


  • mahathela

    where i can download the facebook in beta zone? please help

  • ghaz

    didnt work for me either :/

  • ali

    it works but dosent display anything, no news feed, albums or anything and only gives notifications of bdays. pls help
    when i rerfresh my news feed it says the error again ” service plan not ….. ”
    pls help

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